Developed specifically for multi-location and franchised businesses, My Business Connect is a powerful tool that allows the management of 100's or 1000's of GMB locations from the one dashboard, nationally or internationally.

Create a consistent brand voice by publishing GMB posts and photos to all locations with one click from a single dashboard.  Monitor and respond to reviews and view GMB metric reports for all locations from a single dashboard.   



Google has cracked the code for Social Media with Google My Business posts, allowing businesses to connect directly with their consumers right from Google Search & Google Maps.

Google prioritises listings in search results that post weekly, as it recognises that the business is providing up to date relevant information to customers.

Update your customers on your most current COVID-19 safety measures with a COVID-19 specific post or What's New, Events, Offers & Products or standard posts.

Schedule and publish dynamic location based posts on a global scale, to thousands of locations with a single click.

Google has recently introduced 'Post Mentions' in search results, allowing you to stand out from your competition.  Providing a great reason to post frequently.


Save Time

Schedule and publish dynamic location based posts to all locations with a single click.  No more logging in to each individual account!

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Dynamic UTM Builder

Select from the full list of call to action buttons available in GMB and automatically generate location-specific UTM codes for Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

Multi-Location Posting

When scheduling a post, select from the list of locations to post to. Easily post to 100's or 1000's of locations nationally or internationally with a single click.


Built-In Photo Cropper

Quickly crop and preview photos before publishing to Google My Business.


Schedule Photos

Never miss a weekly photo upload again with the photo scheduler. Schedule photos to publish any day of the week in over 38 different time zones.

Photo Optimizer and Publisher

Searchers prefer visual content and Google awards better rankings to listings that feature fresh curated photo content. Now you can manage your entire catalogue of photos across all of your Google My Business listings from a single dashboard.

If you have multiple listings and want to schedule photos consistently, you'll love the My Business Connect photo tool.  It enables brands to communicate a consistent brand image across all listings.


Schedule your photo uploads; spend a few minutes uploading by batch and you're good to go for months. The more locations you manage, the more time saving you'll experience.

Bonus: Geotags are appended AUTOMATICALLY to every photo. The EXIF editor allows you to edit metadata with keywords to better optimise photos for Local SEO.


Automatic Geo-tagging

The photo tool automatically pulls in location data from your GMB profile and attaches it to your photo metadata.

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Edit Photo EXIF Data

The Photo Optimiser adds keyword and relevant data to over 20 EXIF fields to increase your visibility in search results.

Multi-Location Publishing

No more manually signing into each GMB profile to manage photos! Whether you have 1 location or 10,000, upload and publish photos with a single click.


Reviews on Google not only impact how searchers make decisions about a business, they are also one of the strongest signals used in determining local rank.


Quickly respond to reviews for thousands of locations, in one easy-to-use dashboard and demonstrate to Google (and customers) that you value customer feedback.


Receive immediate notification with a daily email summary when customers post new reviews to your Google My Business listings, enabling you to respond efficiently.

If you currently toggle through multiple accounts to manage and monitor reviews, the My Business Connect tool will save you time. Now you can review and respond from a single dashboard for all your locations.


Spend less time searching for reviews that need responses. Filter your reviews by location, store code, rating, response and date for a more efficient way of keeping on top of your multi-location reviews.

All Reviews On One Screen

Manage reviews for every location from a single dashboard. No more signing into each GMB profile to respond to reviews.

Get Alerts For New Reviews

Receive immediate notification with a daily email summary when customers post new reviews or questions to your Google My Business listing and reply fast.

Manage Reviews Your Way

Spend less time searching for reviews that need responses. Filter your reviews by location, store code, rating, response, and date.

Get More Reviews

When searchers see that a business takes the time to respond to feedback, they are more inclined to leave a review of their own.


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The My Business Connect tool allows you access to GMB insights for all locations from the one dashboard. 


It provides businesses with an option to compare periods, which may assist in the measuring of marketing or promotional activity. 


View the number of map views, search views, discovery search views, direct search views, photo views, website visits, driving directions plus more.

Run a report for all locations with a single click, providing complete transparency of all locations performance.



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